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If you're ever wondering how Virtual Reality Video can help your business, all you need to do is see people react to it.

Part of why I became interested in Virtual Reality was seeing visitors react to the Virtual Stadiums exhibit in the College Football Hall of Fame. Of course, I had enjoyed filming all the 360° videos, but it was seeing people be awe-struck at how they were suddenly transported into another world (in that case the field of a stadium as a team they love runs onto the field!) that made me want to continue making 360° videos after we wrapped on College Football.

I have also noticed how few people seem to realize that Virtual Reality is not a thing of the future: it is here. Now. Even at Tech meetups (of which I attend a lot these days), a majority of the people have never seen the technology before and go gaga over it. So I started carrying Google Cardboard with me everywhere (literally) to show people what they were missing out on. I hate to feeling like I'm self-promoting, but I like to think it's for the good of the industry overall and people seem to enjoy it.

I use Google Cardboard because, even though it's a lower tech experience than Samsung GearVR, people still find it incredibly immersive and it emphasizes the accessibility. "This is something you can literally purchase right now for $20 if you have an iOS or Andoid phone." Plus it's a lot easier for me to carry around than GearVR and now I even have my own branded cardboard (which you'll see some of in the video)! Maybe soon I'll do a second video with GearVR soon.

Some fun facts about this video (in case you don't believe me when I say I carry my Google Cardboard with me everywhere):

  • This video was filmed in 6 cities across 3 states + DC

  • There are 35 people in this video - though I've shown VR to tons more than that

  • Some of the events I've filmed at include the DC Tech Meetup, the WeDC Summer Celebration, a 4th of July rooftop party, and a Couchsurfing picnic.

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