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360° Video & Increased Engagement

It would make sense that VR automatically means an increase in engagement - if people have the headset on, they can't see anything outside of it. And they are, at the very least, looking around - a step above television watching in terms of engagement.

But what about 360° video without the headset? According to OmniVert, a company who creates ads for web utilizing 360° content, there's quite a large increase in engagement. After analyzing over 1000 ad campaigns, they released this case study. Among the highlights: they saw a 46% increase in watching 360° videos to completion and a whopping 300% increase in click-through rates!

You can read the article or go to their website for more in-depth case studies of social media engagement, brand awareness, increased business, etc. But I think this is pretty powerful to those doubters who think there is no point to 360° content without the headset. Especially since headset market saturation is still a little low (it's early days!), we at SunnysideVR always advocate for a multi-channel approach of creating 360° content for web & social media paired with headset experiences for those who do have a headset.

Contact us today to talk about how your brand could benefit from 360° content!


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