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I blog. Compulsively.


When I graduated from college, I started a music/culture blog in my spare time. At its peak, I had 8 writers around the world, and averaged 15,000 unique visitors a month. I also occasionally write about travel and life in Washington, DC. I have also worked on a broadcast news show - you can see a few samples of my news work here. This page is more about my writing- and photography-related projects.

Guilt Free Pleasures - the anti-snob music blog


Guilt Free Pleasures was started under the premise that you should never feel guilty about liking music. I have an ecclectic taste in music that includes everything from famous pop music to local indie acts that play for 30 people in a room, so I wanted to start a music blog that didn't discriminate based on a band's popularity - that was only about whether or not I liked their music. I love curation and I pride myself on my music taste, and my ability to recommend music to others based on their own music taste. As the blog grew, I got more writers. At its peak, the blog had 8 writers all over the world. And I also started writing about films, covering film festivals like Sundance and AFI Docs.

Guilt Free Pleasures - travel edition


I love to travel and I love to blog, so it felt natural to start a travel blog, particularly when I travel so much for work. And it made sense to me to keep with the name for my music blog and make it a sister blog. As a

(Not) Douchey in DC


Let's face it: DC is a pretty douchey town. I hated living here for my first three years living here. I've since come around for the most part and have managed to find some not-douchey havens in this town full of ladder climbers, and my desire to highlight the good places I've discovered is what inspired this blog. While I use the Twitter account more often than the blog, the blog became an outlet for me to vent about the things I don't like in DC (ie the traffic!) and to rave about the places that make DC more pleasant.

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