Emma Mankey Hidem, CEO of Sunnyside Productions, a Washington, DC based video production company

Sunnyside Productions is a full-service media production company specializing in corporate, non-fiction, and virtual reality (360°) video. From pre-production to completion, we can take care of all your media needs, including: 

  • virtual reality & 360° video

  • 4K drone video & 360° drone video

  • traditional video

  • augmented reality

  • interactive media

  • photography


Sunnyside Productions (aka Sunnyside VR) was founded by Emma Mankey Hidem in 2015 - when VR was barely a blip on most peoples' radars - and, since then, we have created and collaborated on content for companies as big as Twitter or Mercedes down to small nonprofits and arts groups. We also create original content, including documentaries and a live interactive dating game show created during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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